Domestic Water Bores

Water is a precious & sometimes expensive commodity and with the climate and weather doing all kinds of interesting things access to your own water can be a game changer.

As well as providing a level of security and independence, a good bore and water supply can add value to any property. Water bores are a renewable, environmentally-friendly way to extract water from the ground. They can last a lifetime, drought-proof your home, and allow for a healthy garden saving you money on your water bills.

There is a lot more to constructing a bore than just drilling a hole in the ground. Our job is to take care of the details giving you a hassle-free experience when drilling a water bore on your property.

At CCDS our bores are designed and constructed to meet or exceed Australian national standards. Every member of our team is a professional familiar with the range of issues and equipment needed to do the job right the first time. This means that you will get the best possible advice on siting a bore on your property, the likely yields, quality and the most efficient and reliable casing completion to ensure years of reliable service.


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