Carpricorn Coast Drilling Services is a family owned and operated Water Well Drilling Contractor. Our highly qualified and experienced team, equipped with a modern fleet of drilling rigs, take pride in working closely with our clients providing superior well construction and rehabilitation services at a competitive price offering unparalleled customer service.

Our company considers ourselves part of the community, and we value our commitment to providing a quality product that meets the needs of our customers while meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements

At Capricorn Drilling Services we understand how valuable our water resources are in Australia. We utilize rigid construction methods and are fully equipped to drill loose alluvial and hard rock formations utilizing either rotary air or rotary mud drilling techniques.

We provide well construction for many different applications and users, including residential wells for individual homeowners, livestock and irrigation wells for farming applications, and wells for commercial use applications. Our services include:

  • Domestic Water Bores
  • Stock Water Bores
  • Irrigation Water Bores
  • Commercial Water Bores
  • Bore Monitoring
  • Bore Repairs
  • Exploration Drilling

Our fully qualified and experienced drill crews along with our friendly support staff are at your service to answer your calls and address any questions or concerns you may have and once we understand your requirements provide you with a competitive quotation.


Domestic Water Bores

Domestic Water Bores

As well as providing a level of security and independence and good bore and water supply can add value to any property. Water bores are a renewable, environmentally-friendly way to extract water from the ground. They last a lifetime, drought-proof your home, allow for a healthy garden and can  … read more
Commercial & Industrial Water Bores

Commercial & Industrial Water Bores

Large-scale industry relies on good quality water equally as the people on the land. Capricorn Coast Drilling Services can engineer an effective bore design to maximise available yields and provide longevity to your water requirements. We provide solutions to the following industries … read more
Stock Water Bores

Stock Water Bores

Australia is the driest continent on Earth, and for farmers access to a good water is vital and with water being such a huge issue at present, there has never been a better time discuss a water bore for your property. A good water bore will add value to your property and stock, as well as the peace of mind a regular … read more
Bore Monitoring

Bore Monitoring

Groundwater depth measurements often called borehole monitoring help in the management of the important groundwater resource on which we depend for many purposes. In particular groundwater resources may be used up through agriculture or mining operations. Our reliable monitoring solutions … read more
Irrigation Water Bores

Irrigation Water Bores

Irrigation Farmers understand water is becoming a more and more valuable commodity each year. The application of water to crops is essential to ensure yields are maximized each season requiring due consideration of its effective use for each application and how it is influenced by a unique … read more
Exploration Drilling

Exploration Drilling

The CCDS team has decades of experience in Drilling and Oil and Gas Well management. We are well positioned to assist small oil and gas operators, typically with limited or no in-house well delivery systems, to plan and execute well construction activities. CCDS can provide a project team ready … read more

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Capricorn Coast Drilling is based at Benaraby, just south of Gladstone and services areas such as: Mackay, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Bundaberg, Gympie, Biloela, Emerald, Injune, Mitchell, Charleville, St George, Goondiwindi, Kingaroy, Moree, Mungindi, Taroom, Springsure, Agnes Water, Hervey Bay, Moura, Theodore.

However we are also willing to travel for a small additional cost we will travel to remote parts of Queensland to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to access water for their domestic, farm, commercial or council/public requirements.